Wednesday, September 2, 2009

My Life is Crap

Ok, so my life isn't crap, not all the time at least. :) Anyway, one of my favorite blogs is Here are some of my faves from recent posts. By the way, MLIC stands for "my life is crap."

- Today at the outlet mall I bought a new D-cup bra for my sister. I brought it to the register and the cashier just nodded her head and said “did you try this on, because I don’t think you can fill one of these cups, let alone both?”…MLIC

- Today I sold my best friend for $200 to pay the rent. I can’t believe how lonely I am without my dog…MLIC

- Today my mom called to wish me happy birthday. She went on and on about all the things she remembered about me as a child. Problem was it is my sister’s birthday, and all of the stuff she talked about was someone else, not me…MLIC

- Today I came home from work and my 32 year old husband was running around the house in his tightie-whiteys with a beach towel for a cape. If we had a kid it might be funny, but he was chasing the dog…MLIC

- Today I sent my 10 year old son off to school. I was so proud of his first day of 4th grade. I should say I was proud until the bus driver turned him around and sent him back off the bus. He handed me the rubber bracelet she made him remove. It said “I love boobies!”…MLIC

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