Monday, January 26, 2009

I hate getting sick

The title says it all. I don't see why I should be sick; I went to bed last night feeling fine. Woke up this morning with a super sore throat, aching body and that weak, sick feeling. Not cool.

I've got a lot of work to do this week and I can't risk missing days. Grrr...

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Sea Turtles Make Great Dates

I got to eat my lunch with Murphy the other day (Georgia Aquarium's loggerhead sea turtle). The biologists have taught him how to get onto a blue stretcher (in case they need to examine him) and they practice this behavior with him during the feed. They also practice having him touch his nose to a white ball. This gives him mental enrinchment and allows them to guide Murphy where they need him to go. He's adorable!

Inauguration Celebration

I'm so glad the Aquarium is doing an Inauguration Celebration so that I don't have to miss watching the Inauguration while at work. I'm so very excited about this day; it's a very surreal feeling. Tim may take a long lunch and come down here to join me. I just love the feeling of excitement that is circulating around the country today.

If you're in Atlanta and would like to come watch the inauguration with the fishes, visit:

Monday, January 19, 2009

People Can Fly!

Possibly one of the most amazing videos I've seen online... ever. Wish I could do this! Click here to check it out!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Smash 'Em!

So I'm not what you'd call a "gamer" persay. I don't eagerly anticipate the most recent release of Zelda, Madden, or whatever else they go crazy for. But I do love playing games on the computer. And this Christmas I actually received a Nintendo Wii! It's incredible.

Anyway, it may seem stupid, but currently my most favorite free game to play online is "Smash 'Em" from USA's Character Arcade. It's quite simple, actually, and yet it's got me hooked (even to the point that it's making it hard for my husband to get my attention at home while I'm smashing away).

Friday, January 9, 2009

Burger King: Sacrifice Friends, Get Free Food

Brilliant. Simply Brilliant.

Burger King has recently added an application to Facebook where fans must "sacrifice" 10 friends in order to receive a free whopper. In other words, delete 10 people permanently from your friends list and Burger King will send you a coupon for free food!

So apologize to those acquaintances you barely know, or don't. Save some bucks and cut down on those annoying friend feed updates from people you don't really care about anyway.

One downside: my boss at work now wants me to come up with something just as brilliant... ugh.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Animal Babies!

Check out my new favorite site, Zoo Borns! It has all the newborn animal babies from various zoos and aquariums (like these meerkat babies). Georgia Aquarium's newborn wobbegong shark pups are up there and they're adorable!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

She cut off their tales with a carving knife

So there I was, leaving my apartment with Tim, when this girl passes us on the staircase (going downstairs from the apartments from above). She's bundled up with a blue wool cap, matching gloves and a trenchcoat down to her ankles, all of which were overshadowed by the zombie-like stare that glazed over her eyes. It wasn't until I was walking down the stairs behind her that I notice it: a huge kitchen knife in her right hand, held firmly by her side.

She continues to march down the stairs, but instead of going out to the parking lot, she makes a sharp, right turn and practically runs into another apartment. So from an upstairs apartment, with a knife, and back downstairs into another apartment (not to mention, at an unusually fast pace).


Fleeing the scene of a crime? Safeguarding herself from the terrors of the night? Re-enacting a zombie horror flick? All are reasonable presumptions.

Alright, enough overreacting. You didn't see her face, though. Trust me, there was something fishy going on.

Waaa! Don't leave me Stafford!

So if you don't know by now, I'm a big UGA fan. Stafford and Moreno announced today that they will be leaving UGA for the NFL draft in April. Boooo. I think it's a smart decision for Moreno (ok, and maybe for Stafford, too) but what are the dawgs to do?

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Nedi Pot


The Bachelor

So after sitting here and listening to my dearest co-workers howl about how funny The Bachelor was last night, I'm really thinking I need to get into it. I can never seem to follow shows long enough to keep up with them. Not to mention it's especially hard to convince Tim to let me watch The Bachelor every Monday night.

Whether you watch it or not, you should check out this blog: It makes me want to watch the show just so I can get her jokes the next day.