Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Dream. Encode.

I wanted to share my latest project for work. We've been working on a re-branding of the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. Basically, our message is this: At Georgia Tech, we teach, research and learn Computing unlike any other program, because we are unlike any other program. We think bigger and bolder. We move forward with more energy and creativity. We empower our students, faculty and staff to Be More.

In this vein, we asked one of our recent grads, Connie Chen (2012 College of Computing grad and award-winning filmmaker) to create a “cinematic interpretation” of what it means to study computing and what it means to be more. The result is a poignant portrayal of inspiration and impact – the story of a small spark of interest and a healthy sense of curiosity flourishing into something more.

Check it out!