Thursday, October 13, 2011

This is Anthropology

This week, Florida Governor Rick Scott said that he wants to increase support for science and technology fields by shifting money away from social sciences.

On Monday, in an interview with the Herald-Tribune, Scott said "If I’m going to take money from a citizen to put into education then I’m going to take that money to create jobs. So I want that money to go to degrees where people can get jobs in this state. Is it a vital interest of the state to have more anthropologists? I don’t think so."


Later, in a radio interview, he said "[anthropology] is a great degree if people want to get it. But we don't need them here."

Alrighty, Governor Scott, time for a smack down. We've decided that the best people to deliver it should be anthropology students from within your own state. University of South Florida students have responded to Governor Scott's comments in the following way:

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