Monday, June 10, 2013

Understanding MOOCs

Working at Georgia Tech has given me a new perspective on the changing landscape of education, especially in the realm of online education. Make no doubt about it, (much needed) change is happening. I'm continually surprised, however, at the number of individuals who are either running in fear or are in denial that change is even occurring. Regardless of your feelings or occupation, I think it's important to be informed regarding the evolving landscape of education.

One of the most important arenas where experimentation in education is occurring is in the form of MOOCS.  There are many aspects to the MOOC debate and summarizing them can be overwhelming. Luckily, Allison Morris, a writer from Online College Courses, has produced a great graphic (below) that explains MOOCs and the debate surrounding this platform.

Stay tuned as I hope to post more about MOOCs and, specifically  the College of Computing at Georgia Tech's new Online Master's of Science in Computer Science.

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