Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Facebook: 25 Random Facts About OTHER People

Having been inspired by a recent article in Time Magazine, I’ve decided to create a compilation of the most amazing 25 things people have sent me via notes on Facebook. The following is a list of 25 random facts taken from other peoples' "25 Random Facts About Me." Enjoy!

25 Random Facst About Other People
1. I'm only doing this list because I see that cool people are doing it and I want to be cool.
2. I day-dream about being mute and living all-alone in a gothic cathedral ruin.
3. A few months ago, I asked my dad did he have any illegitimate children, and he said “Yes.”....Wait, What the hell?
4. I thought long and hard about the proper ratio of funny to serious items on this list. I think 60/40 is about right.
5. I wish that life was like a Broadway musical and we would burst into perfectly choreographed song and dance numbers all day.
6. I have started a collection of episodes of Rick Dees & The Weekly Top 40 from 1984-1999.
7. I sang the Rainbow Connection in a Kermit the Frog voice in front of a thousand people. I regret it, because too many people only know me as the Kermit guy.
8. When I was 12, I broke my hand from punching a wall through a pillow. It was after watching Karate Kid at a friend’s house and we were pretending the pillows were the bad guys.
9. I'm missing a testicle. Not really. Just a finger. But I did have a close call once, requiring a morning of testing with a technician who had the nerve to ask if her attractive student assistant could watch. This was almost as unnerving as the urologist who asked me how it felt.
10. I have a weird obsession with glasses. When I was younger I wanted glasses so I faked my eye exam. In all of my elementary school pictures I am wearing glasses.
11. My right pupil is shaped like a heart because I had to get six stitches. When I was in first grade, this b*tch, Chandravia, stole my blue Little Mermaid pencil. When I went to retrieve it, yanking it from her hand resulted in the recently sharpened tip stabbing my eye.
12. I broke up with my first boyfriend (in 2nd grade) because he peed on my backpack in his sleep while we were camping in the front yard.
13. I have an obsession with the hair on my arm. I hate for them to be in-grown and so I pull them out. Sometimes in class, I used to circle ingrown hairs to remind myself to rip them out when I got home.
14. I believe that God put me on this earth to be totally awesome, and to help other people to be totally awesome too.
15. At least once every day I look in the mirror and think, "Wow, I'm really pretty." I think this is an excellent habit.
16. I got a real chain letter as a kid and was terrified for weeks because it said something horrible would happen to me if I didn't pass it on to 10 people. My mom told me it was against the law to forward a chain letter so I didn't do it.
17. I was featured in The National Inquirer when I was 8.
18. I have over 200 cousins. (Editor’s Note: this was posted by one of my cousins).
19. I used to play ‘Jesus on the Cross’ with my brother in our living room. I would be Jesus, and he would be every supporting role in the Gospel.

20. I named my first car, a 1988 Pathfinder, after my great grandmother's Model T, which she called Betsy Sue. She committed suicide in Betsy Sue.
21. I don’t get what people see in bird watching. What is the point? You check off your list that you’ve seen a yellow breasted nuthatch. Big woopty-do.
22. I once rode my bike through my college campus naked. I was sober.
23. I swear I remember being born. My wife likes to bring this up in large groups so everyone can make fun of me.
24. When I was a kid, I used to hide behind a tree to poop outside so my mom would not see. The rest of the neighborhood did not think it was too funny.
25. I have a better taste in music than you do.
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